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19.8 kW 3 Phase Power House

Product Price Install Qty
image for SUN2000 15kW (3 Phase)

SUN2000 15kW (3 Phase)

  • Brand: Huawei
  • Type: Inverters
3573.60 Login to View 1
image for 450W Split HI-MO

450W Split HI-MO

  • Brand: Longi
  • Type: Solar Panels
270.00 Login to View 44
image for 3 Phase Smart Meter

3 Phase Smart Meter

  • Brand: Huawei
  • Type: Smart Meter
299.00 Login to View 1

Estimated Total Cost

Total (GST Incl.)
Total Next Year (GST Incl.)
*The total price assumes you are in a major city of ACT, zone 3, and your house has tin roof.
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If you have 3 phase - It pays to go big... This 19.8kW paired with a 15kW inverter can give massive returns. Payback times can be as little as 1year and savings can be $7600 per annum. having this system installed after 1st JAN will cost you an extra $1000+ due to the Gov Rebate reduction... this offer will stand until the middle of next month... so get in touch and let us get this system or something similar on your roof asap and with quality local installers. see our partners page!

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