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6.6kW 20 x JA 330W Split Cells Goodwe 5kW

Product Price Install Qty
Product Image
  • Brand: GoodWe
  • Type: Inverters
$ 838.80 Login to View 1
Product Image
330W Split Cell
  • Brand: JA Solar
  • Type: Solar Panels
$ 159.96 Login to View 20

Estimated Total Cost

Total (GST Incl.) $ 5722.50
*The total price assumes you are in a major city of ACT, zone 3, and your house has tin roof.
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We know this combo is excellent value for money as JA is known for its durability and performance matched with Goodwe, known for its reliability and pleasing aesthetics. Panel: Type - Mono Perc Efficiency - 19.8% Warranty Product - 12yr Warranty Linear - after 25yrs >80%+ efficiency Made in - China, Vietnam Inverter: Efficiency - 97.8% Warranty Product - 5+5yrs Designed in - China Made in - China

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