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IQ Battery 5P 5kWh

$ 4871.52

Overall, this power system offers a combination of power, reliability, simplicity, and safety features to provide homeowners with a robust and user-friendly energy solution.

The Enphase IQ Battery 5P all-in-one AC-coupled system is powerful, reliable, simple, an safe. It has a total usable energy capacity of 5.0 kWh and includes six embedded gridforming microinverters with 3.84 kVA continuous power rating. It provides backup capability and installers can quickly design the right system size to meet customer needs. Powerful: The system can provide 3.84 kilovolt-amperes (kVA) of continuous power and has a peak power capacity of 7.68 kVA. It incorporates six embedded IQ8D-BAT microinverters, which are devices used to convert direct current (DC) electricity generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity for use in homes or buildings. Reliable: The system comes with a 15-year limited warranty, indicating the manufacturer's confidence in its durability and performance. It employs passive cooling without any moving parts or fans, reducing the risk of mechanical failure and improving reliability. Wired communication is utilized for fast and consistent connection, ensuring stable and reliable data transfer. Software and firmware updates can be performed remotely, enabling the system to benefit from the latest improvements and security patches. Simple: The power system is a fully integrated AC battery system, which means it includes batteries and inverters in a single unit, simplifying installation and operation. It can be easily installed and commissioned, reducing the complexity and time required for setup. The system supports various modes of operation, including backup power, self-consumption (using stored energy from the batteries), and time-of-use (TOU) mode, which optimizes energy usage based on peak and off-peak pricing. Homeowners can monitor and control the system remotely using the Enphase App, providing convenience and flexibility. Field replaceable components allow for easy maintenance and repair if needed. Safe: The system has been tested to meet UL 9540A, the highest industry s

  • Type: Battery
  • Subtype: Enphase
  • Warranty: 15 year(s)
  • Model Number: IQ Battery 5P 5kWh
  • Product Dimensions (mm): 980x550x188
  • Weight: 78.9 kg
  • Wattage (Watts): 3.84 kVA - 5kWh
  • Maximum Amperage (Amps): 16.7A

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