About us

Supply Installed has been designed by trades with customer service at its heart. There are many great reason why choosing us before you do anything else!!!

We want our customers to know how much they will be charged "Supply Installed" before they purchase a product online or in store.

Time and time again we encounter people buying cheap products which cost them much more than they expect to install... The reason why this happens is that for starters they just don't have an idea on services costs and if they do have an hourly amount buying that cheap product took much longer then expected or that technician took his sweet time doing it.

Supply Installed takes the average of installation by your type of house and quotes accordingly. We feel this gives transparency and a good platform for trade.

Save yourself the hassle of having three technicians come to your home to quote.

For starters:

1. You won't know if they're all acting for the same business upping the price on you (unfortunately It's a thing).

2. you don't know who these strangers are if they are just sales reps or if they are licensed professional, and

3. It's more than likely you have no choice in the products they provide for you.

At Supply Installed:

1. Our prices are Competitive.

2. All works are certified by the installer.

3. Choose the products you want that you know will work!

let us be your one stop shop for all your electrical needs.

We look forward to working with you! :)

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