IQ System Controller 3 INT Image 1

IQ System Controller 3 INT

$ 1833.96

True whole home backup rated to 80A, much more than just a transfer switch, it is the brain for the whole Enphase Energy System (required for the IQ Battery)

Backup power from the Enphase IQ battery: The IQ System Controller is a part of the Enphase Energy System, consolidating interconnection equipment into a single enclosure. It provides a pre-wired solution for residential solar + storage. During outages, it isolates the solar system from the grid and connects the storage. The IQ System Controller senses grid outages and seamlessly transitions to backup power. It powers the backup loads using the IQ Battery, PV system, and switchboard. The controller includes the Smart Switch, Enphase IQ Gateway, circuit protection, power control, and anti-islanding protection as per Australian and New Zealand standards. It communicates wirelessly with IQ Batteries and offers reliable performance with a 10-year limited warranty. The system is smart, automatically detecting grid outages and ensuring safe grid connectivity. It provides a seamless transition to backup power. Installation is simple, supporting single-phase and three-phase configurations, with various conduit entry options. It also supports IQ7 and S Series Microinverters and a main circuit breaker of up to 80 A.

  • Type: Battery
  • Subtype: Enphase
  • Warranty: 10 year(s)
  • Model Number: IQ Battery 5P 5kWh
  • Product Dimensions (mm): 500x760x158
  • Weight: 15.2
  • Maximum Amperage (Amps): 80A

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