10 Amp RCD 1 Pole 6kA Image 1

10 Amp RCD 1 Pole 6kA

$ 38.80

Hager 10 Amp Miniature Circuit Breaker & Residual Current Device MCB/RCD RCBO C Curve 1 Pole 6kA 30mA

Hager 10 Amp Residual Current Device (RCD) 1 Pole 6kA is a safety device that helps to protect people and electrical equipment from electric shock by detecting and breaking the electrical circuit when a fault occurs. It has a rated current of 10 amps and a rated breaking capacity of 6kA, making it suitable for use in low-power electrical systems.

  • Type: Switchboard
  • Subtype: Circuit Breakers
  • Warranty: 1 year(s)
  • Model Number: 10 Amp RCD 1 Pole 6kA

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