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Ultimate Solar Battery and EV ready Bidirectional Charging Package

Product Price Install Qty
Product Image
Communications package (Single Phase).
  • Brand: Enphase
  • Type: Inverters
$ 826.75 Login to View 1
Product Image
415W MAXEON 5 AC - (inbuilt Enphase micro inverter)
  • Brand: SunPower
  • Type: Solar Panels
$ 519.34 Login to View 20
Product Image
IQ Battery 5P 5kWh
  • Brand: Enphase
  • Type: Battery
$ 4871.52 Login to View 4
Product Image
IQ System Controller 3 INT
  • Brand: Enphase
  • Type: Battery
$ 1833.96 Login to View 1

Estimated Total Cost

Total (GST Incl.) $ 38875.57
*The total price assumes you are in a major city of ACT, zone 3, and your house has tin roof.
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This is the most Advanced Solar Package on the Market Today. With Sunpower's 40yr warranty on their Solar Panels and a 25yr Warranty on the Enphase Micro Inverters, you can trust this system will be working without a second thought. Now with the New Enphase Batteries and IQ System controller. This system will provide 80Amps, Enough to power all your home's devices plus more. So if you have sensitive equipment and want Energy Security in a grid outage, this is the system for you. Also, the IQ controller is ready for their Bi-Directional Charger to be released later in the year 2023, meaning you can also use your car to power your home. This is the future, and it's here today. Early birds are always winners in the renewables market, so contact us today for your free site assessment and design of this Ultimate Solar Battery Bidirectional Car Charging Package

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