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6kW Storedge with in-built backup (Hybrid) Image 1

Solar edge
6kW Storedge with in-built backup (Hybrid)

$ 1787.50

Efficiency - 97.6% Backup output - 3300 to 5000 VA Backup switch time - <2s Warranty Product - 12yrs upgradable to 25yrs Supported battery Types - LG Chem RESU10H Designed in - Israel Made in - China

StorEdge Power Backup Benefits More Energy DC-coupled solution allows high system efficiency PV power is stored directly in the battery No additional conversions from AC to DC and back to AC Module-level power optimisation for more power harvesting Simple Design & Installation A single inverter for both PV, storage and backup power Outdoor installation allows flexibility in battery location No special wires are required -> utilises the same PV cables Full Visibility and Easy Maintenance Monitor the battery status, PV production, and self-consumption data Smarter energy consumption to reduce electricity bill Monitor battery energy levels and remaining hours of backup power Remote access to inverter/battery software Enhanced Safety PV array and battery voltage designed to reduce to a safe voltage upon AC shut down, when not in backup mode Compliance with VDE 2100-712

  • Type: Inverters
  • Subtype: SolarEdge - Battery Ready
  • Warranty: 12 year(s)
  • Model Number: SE6000-XXS
  • Product Dimensions (mm): 962x315x184
  • Weight: 26.5kg
  • Wattage (Watts): 6000
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