1. Your Product - Our goal is to offer the lowest prices on all products and encourages customers to compare prices with other sources to confirm the competitiveness of our pricing

2. Your Installation -The cost of installation for your products is determined by several factors, including the type of property and product, the average time required for installation per product, the number of technicians needed, and competitive rates in the specific area. The company has partnered with Hydrogen Australia to access the most accurate and current information on these factors on a postcode basis.

3. Certificates of Electrical Safety - In Australia, all electrical hard-wiring work, whether it's a small job like replacing a light fixture or a large project like a solar installation, must be certified to ensure safety and compliance with regulations. A certificate of electrical safety serves as proof that the work has been performed by a qualified and licensed technician. Failure to obtain proper certification may put you at risk in case of fire damage or injury, as your insurance coverage could be affected

4. Call out - The fee charged by the technician to travel to your property is typically a standard fee that covers the cost of transportation and the necessary equipment needed to complete the job

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