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An eCommerce platform with a difference With Supply Installed, you can have peace of mind knowing that your solar installation is in good hands. Our partnership with trusted suppliers and technicians, combined with Hydrogen Australia's live data, ensures that you receive up-to-date and competitive quotes for your installation. Our job organising service connects you with licensed professionals, giving you the ability to choose the best technician for your needs. With our instant product quoting tool and absolute price transparency, Supply Installed makes the switch to solar energy easy and stress-free. Making the switch to solar easy (Why choose us) Installing quality solar products significantly decreases your electricity bill, but switching to solar energy can be daunting. At Supply Installed, we make the process a little easier with our instant product quoting tool and job organising service. Unlike other providers, our business model allows you to choose your own products and technicians. Our wide range of solar products lets you browse and compare. This grants you full control over product selection and installation. Our instant quoting tool will save you the hassle of installers having to come to you. Rest easy knowing all our solar installations are completed by trusted professionals chosen by you. Best of all, there are no hidden costs, as we will provide you with full cost transparency throughout the entire process. Get in touch through our Message Portal. We'll reply within one business day.
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