Introduction of technician Linden Posselt from Leaf Electrical

Leaf Electrical has been installing quality solar panel systems in Canberra and the surrounding region for over 10 years. If you are wanting to know the cost of solar panels or what are the best solar panels or best solar inverters, then get in touch with us for an obligation-free solar quote. Leaf Electrical offers the following services: Solar panel system installation Solar battery system installation Bespoke system designs Periodic testing of solar systems as required by EvoEnergy Solar Panel and Inverter testing Clean Energy Council / CEC accredited quality installations Capacity upgrades for existing solar systems Damaged solar panel replacements Being brand agnostic means we are not tied to one particular manufacturer. We will recommend the best system suited to your budget and your needs. We can supply and install the best solar inverters and the best solar panel brands, like Fronius, SolarEdge, SMA, Sungrow, LG solar panels, Sunpower, REC, Winaico, Q Cells. Our solar quotes show what the federal solar rebate is this year and next year as it reduces on the 1st January 2022. Helping you be more informed and maximise government support. For solar power in Canberra choose Leaf Electrical, your Clean Energy Council / CEC accredited solar panel installer. Leaf Electrical 'Grow Your Own Energy'
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